Stone House

The stone house is a place of meeting and relaxation for all visitors.

It has a large living room with various seating areas, a dining table, a large kitchen and a private toilet. Our book, CD and DVD collections can be used by everyone.

In the evening we make a crackling fire in the fireplace for you and serve drinks in an atmospheric atmosphere.
In the morning you will receive our balanced and rich breakfast there; even if you have to leave for gorilla tracking at 6 a.m.

  • The Stone House Front View Pic 1
  • The Stone House Front View Pic 2
  • Stone House
  • Stone House sitting room
  • Stone House Sitting room room
  • The Stone House Garden Pic 6
  • The Stone House Kitchen 1
  • The Stone House Kitchen
  • The Stone House Dinning Room Pic 1
  • The Stone House Dinning Room
  • The Stone House Entertainment wall
  • The stone house
  • The Stone Houses Garden Pic 4
  • The Toilet in the stone House
  • The Stone House Toilet